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New York City

Consolidation of New York City
A brief history of the Consolidation of New York City.

Consolidation of New York City
This is from a History of Brooklyn page.

Gotham Center for New York City History
"the Gotham Center's goal is to boost the visibility - for citizens, tourists and students-of New York's badly under-appreciated and under-developed historical assets.

History of NYC
The Web site contains numerous links to the different Web resources related to the New York City's history and culture.

History Tours of New York
The Web site offers private and public historical tours of New York City. Also, offers courses in Manhattan history.

How NYC Became the Economic Center of the World
From the National Democratic Party

Important Events in New York City
A listing of important NYC events - before and after Consolidation.

The New Metropolis
Tells the story of the Consolidation of many fragmented communities into what we know as New York City

New York City History (from Columbia University)
The Web site contains explanation why New York City is called "The Big Apple". Also, links to non-historical sites, the 1990 census US census numbers, information on the City neighborhoods, internet recources on the City history and links to libraries, museums and other cultural institutions and their history.

New York City History from Colgate University
The Web site contains links to New York City History and Historical Societies.

New York City at the Turn of the Century
A historical overview of the New York City in the 1900s.

New York Discovery and Settlement
Contains history of New York City settlement. Also, contains information of discovery and settlement of each borough.

New York City for Visitors
Contains a collection of links to the New York City history related Internet resources.

New York Historical Society
"New York’s first museum, founded in 1804, is a treasure trove of American history housing a wealth of fine and decorative arts objects from the 17th-century to the present. The Society’s museum contains some 40,000 items defining four centuries of American life—paintings, sculpture, furniture, clothing, toys, tools, textiles, ceramics, glass, and assorted artifacts ranging from George Washington’s camp bed to the desk where Clement Clarke Moore wrote The Night Before Christmas. The New-York Historical Society is also New York’s primary caretaker of artifacts related to the World Trade Center tragedy of September 11, 2001."

New York City Reference
The Web site contains links to the Internet resources in New York City history.

New York City Strange Facts
Contains a collection of strange facts on New York City.

Origins of The Big Apple
The Web site contains several possible explanations on why the New York City was called "The Big Apple".

Rediscovering New York
Contains links to the New York State Archives.

The unusual in New York City's history
A collection of strange historical facts related to the New York City.

The Society for New York City History
The Web site contains information on the Society for New York City History, its mission statement, members and activities. Also, links to the related press articles.


The Bronx

Bronx on the Web: History of the Bronx
This site is a compilation of documents and links relating to Bronx history.

Cultural mosaic
The Bronx and its history .

The New York Public Library.
General information about history of the Bronx (Photographs Collection 1905-1972; books, manuscripts about local history).

Back In The Bronx
Back In The Bronx is a magazine about "good old times" in the Bronx.

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A Walk Around Brooklyn
Website for the PBS/Channel 13 walking-tour documentary of the Mother Borough. Offers terrific virtual photo tours and an interactive neighborhood map.

Municipal Archives of the City of New York
Photographs, letters, plans, genealogical records, census data–you name it – it's probably here in this enormous archive. Parts of the collection date back to colonial times.

Brooklyn Bridge Website
The site contains links, facts, information, and history.

Brooklyn Geneology Information Page
A good overview of the history of Brooklyn

History of Brooklyn
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Central Park
Contains information on creation and development of the Central Park. Also, contains links to the original sources of the information and related resources.

The historical and geographical overview of the Chinatown and its development.

Congregation Shearith Israel
23 Sephardic Jews seek asylum in New Amsterdam [1654] and later form first congregation.

An East Side Ramble
Excerpted from William Dean Howells *Impressions and Experiences* [1896].

Five Points Project
Archaeologists and historians rediscover a famous 19th century neighborhood.

Harlem - A Great Day in Harlem
Explore jazz history through one photograph [1958].

Harlem, 1900-1940
An online exhibition from The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library.

How the Other Half Lives
The classic Riis study of tenement living in Manhattan.

Moving Uptown: Nineteenth-century Views of Manhattan
Images from the New York Public Library's Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.

Nieuw Amsterdam
The Dutch build the first fort.

Seneca Village
Learn about Manhattan's first significant community of African American property owners.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Working conditions exposed [1911].

Upper West Side
The historical and geographical overview of the Upper West Side and its development.

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Queens (a brief history)
Contains thorough historical and geographical overview of the Queens borough.

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Staten Island

The Geology of Staten Island
Information on the geologic history of area.

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