Discover New York - What is it?

What is Discover New York?

The Discover New York course is a part of the St. John's University core curriculum, which means that it is a mandatory course for all first-year students. Discover New York will provide each first-year student with an exciting experience designed to combine in-class instruction with the cultural wealth of New York City. The students will be engaged in analytical thinking and will become proficient at using a variety of media to access information. It will also assist students in the transitional period of their college years.

What are the benefits of Discover New York?

  • Active participation in the city in which students will spend the next four years.
  • Learn how to use New York's wide variety of resources to enhance their life and education at St. John's.
  • Form critical inquiry skills.
  • Cultivate a community with fellow first-year students.
  • Develop mentoring relationships with faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Satisfy general education requirements by completeing a core requirement.

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