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Population: 8 million / 26,517 people per square mile [Data from the 2000 census as reported by Demographia]

Area: 302 square miles / 782 square kilometers [ Demographia]

Elevation: 87 feet / 27 meters above sea level [ Lonely Planet]

Parks: 1,700 parks / 28,000 total acres [ City of New York Parks & Recreation]

New York Public Library: 42 million items in the collection \ [New York Public Library]

Statue of Liberty: 151 feet 1 inch tall from base to torch / Index finger 8 feet long [ Liberty State Park]

Theater: 39 Broadway theaters [ Live] /

Median Family Income: $39,937 [ 2003 American Community Survey Profile]

Bridges: 2027 [NYC Dept. of Transportation]

Subway: 1.3 billion subway riders per year (this is but one of the many statistics about NYC on this page)[NYC & Company ]

Taxicabs: 12,187 medallion taxicabs [NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission]

Garbage: 11,000 tons produced each day [Earth Policy Institute]

Recycling: 18% of municipal waste is recycled [Earth Policy Institute]

Air Pollution: 54 pounds per person per year of smog from cars and trucks [Graded "C" by a Sierra Club report.]

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