Discover New York - Architecture

Architecture in New York: A Field Study
Includes photographs and commentaries the most famous places of NYC.

Architecture of New York City - Great Buildings Online
Excellent guide to the buildings of New York City. Documents a lot of buildings and leading architects, photographs and drawings, commentaries, biographies and bibliographies. Searchable.

Brooklyn Bridge Web Page
Summary of engineering specifications and achievements, and the bridge construction. Includes photo gallery.

Buildings - New York City
Photographs and data on some of the most beautiful buildings in New York City.

Glass, Steel and Stone
Offers photographs and descriptions of outstanding buildings in New York, historic and modern.

Medieval New York Guide
Documenting the histories of the European, Byzantine, and Islamic Middle Ages in the streets and buildings of New York. Compiled and illustrated by Fordham students.

Monster Walk
Photographs and descriptions of the gargoyles that decorate the buildings of Wall Street, Gramercy Park, Madison, the Brooklyn Museum, and the West Side.

New York Carver
Offers virtual tours of Gothic cathedrals and related structures. Includes Gothic glossary of terms, links, and contact information.

New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects 
The site is dedicated to three goals: public outreach, professional development, and design excellence.

New York Skyscrapers
Study of the history of New York's skyscrapers, with examples arranged by period and style. Images, history and description, location maps and links.

Wired New York
Contains a large collection of original photographs of the city, including famous skyscrapers.