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Discover New York

Discover New York (DNY) is a three-credit course that is part of St. John's University's core curriculum. It is mandatory for all first-year students. According to the Discover New York website, it provides students with a "dynamic experience that combines in-class instruction with the cultural wealth of New York City."

Depending on the instructors’ areas of expertise, DNY sections can focus on a wide variety of subjects -— from history to art to business. All selectors should keep the DNY program in mind during collection development. The Libraries are especially interested in adding materials having to do with New York City in the following five areas:

  • Immigration
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Wealth and poverty
  • The environment

Among the collection development subject areas that are especially affected by the DNY are History and Geography; Sociology and Anthropology; and Art and Music.

Parks and Wild Spaces in New York City


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