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Theology And Religious Studies

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SUBJECT AREA: Theology and Religious Studies

Last Update: December 2006 by Arthur Sherman, Jennifer Jhun, and Maureen Weicher

Subject Specialists: Cynthia Chambers

Mission/Purpose: The St. Johnís University Libraries support the teaching, study and research of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty affiliated with the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at St. Johnís University.

Undergraduate Program: St. Johnís University offers an undergraduate major and minor in theology and religious studies as part of the Bachelor of Arts program. All undergraduates must take classes offered in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies to fulfill their core curriculum requirements for graduation. These classes are designed to ďspan the range of theological thought and provide a context for ecumenical dialogue and study.Ē Check for the complete listing of undergraduate courses in theology and religion in the Undergraduate Bulletin of St. Johnís College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Graduate Program: St. Johnís University offers a Master of Arts in Theology with subject concentrations in biblical studies, historical studies, interfaith studies, and moral theology. Other M.A. programs concentrating on theology and religion include pastoral theology, catechetical ministry, and leadership and ministry preparationĖsystematic theology. St. Johnís University also offers a master of divinityĖministerial studies and a combined B.A./M.A. degree in theology. For further edification, graduate students can pursue a post-baccalaureate certificate in theology and pastoral ministry. The Graduate Bulletin of St. Johnís College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a complete listing of courses offered at the masters and certificate level.

Enrollment Trends: See Institutional Research Factbook.

Department and Subject Area Trends: Religious and theological studies are being increasingly influenced by sociological approaches. Researchers are observing religious ceremonies and practices and performing field work in addition to studying religious texts.

Online Resources: Religion and Theology

Established Specialization: The collection is strong in church history, Biblical studies, Catholic Church Catechetic, pastoral theology, moral theology, systematic theology, patristic and sacramental theology as they relate to the Catholic faith and collected works of famous theologians. It also has a solid collection of titles relating to Buddhism (especially in the Asian Collection) and Judaism.

Subject Depth: The Main Library collection is at the study or instruction level, advanced (3b). The goal is to maintain this level. The Staten Island Library collection is on the study or instructional support level, introductory (3a). The goal is to maintain this level.

Selection Considerations: Please see Selection of Materials.

  • Classics in religious thoughts and theology
  • Topics considered to be weaknesses in the collections (e.g. Islam, Hinduism, etc.)
  • Works reflecting contemporary Catholic life
  • Works related to the church outside the West.

In addition, the following resources may be consulted for book reviews: [empty]

Materials to be Excluded: Please see Materials Not To Be Acquired. Also exclude:

  • Religious propaganda in the form of handouts, pamphlets, advertisements, etc.

Withdrawal Considerations: Please see Collection Maintenance: Withdrawals.

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