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SUBJECT AREA: Philosophy

Last Update: January 4, 2007 by Maureen Weicher

Subject Specialists: Kathryn Shaughnessy and Mark Meng

Faculty Liason: Kathryn Shaughnessy

Purpose: The St. Johnís University Libraries support teaching, study, and research for undergraduate students, masters students, and faculty associated with the Philosphy Department of St. Johnís College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The course schedule includes current offerings. The relevant Bulletin has detailed information about all courses.

Undergraduate Programs: Programs of study offered by the Philosophy faculty include the B.A. in Philosophy. The Department operates within a realist tradition that allows for metaphysical knowledge and a normative ethics. It recognizes the Catholic and Vincentian nature of the University, and seeks to help students understand the philosophical foundations of the Church's theological reflections upon itself and the world. It also respects the Vincentian mission of service to the poor and the promotion of global harmony and economic development.

There are minors in Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Science, and Women's Studies.

Graduate Programs: The Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies has a Humanities track that may include Philosophy courses. Other tracks are Social Sciences and Cultural Studies.


Enrollment Trends: See Institutional Research Factbook.

Department and Subject Area Trends:

Applied Ethics

Established Specialization:

Moral Philosophy


Online Resources: Philosophy

Subject Depth: The Queens collection is on the study or instructional support level, advanced (3b), and the goal is maintain this level. The Staten Island collection is on the study or instructional support level, introductory (3a), and the goal is to maintain this level.

Selection Considerations: Please see Selection of Materials. In addition, the following resources may be consulted for book reviews:

Materials to be Excluded: Please see Materials Not To Be Acquired. Also exclude:

Withdrawal Considerations: Please see Collection Maintenance: Withdrawals.

Other Considerations: n/a

Notes: Undergraduates at St. John's are required to take Common Core classes that include Philosophy of the Human Person: PHI 1000C Philosophy- Metaphysics: PHI 3000C. The Distributed Core includes Philosophy- Ethics: PHI 2200C or Philosophy: Moral Life and the Ethical Dimensions of Business: Phi 2220 (Tobin School of Business) or Philosophy- Moral Life and Ethics of Health Care: THE 2240C (College of Pharmacy and Allied Health).

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