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History And Geography

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SUBJECT AREA: History and Geography

Last Update: December 2006 by Jennifer Jhun and Maureen Weicher.

Subject Specialists: William Keogan and Andrea McElrath

Purpose: The St. Johnís University Libraries support the teaching, study and research of students at the undergraduate, master;'s and Doctor of Arts level; as well as staff and faculty affiliated with the History Department of St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Social Sciences Department of the College of Professional Studies.

Undergraduate Programs: The History Department offers an undergraduate major and minor in History. The B.A. in Social Studies is offered only at Staten Island. Undergraduates may also earn a B.A. in History Education. The College of Professional Studies offers history courses as part of its B.A. in Social Science. Geography courses cover aspects of environmental and earth sciences, as well as cultural and economic aspects of nations and lands. All undergraduates in St. Johnís College take ďThe Emergence of Global SocietyĒ as part of the core curriculum. Check for a complete listing of undergraduate courses in in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Graduate Programs: The Graduate History Department offers a Master of Arts in History with concentrations in American History, Modern European History, and Age of Globalization. Program requirements include a thesis and non-thesis option. The Doctor of Arts in Modern World History offers an interdisciplinary approach to prepare students for careers as master teachers. The requirements include a qualifying exam, coursework, comprehensive exams, and a research essay. St. Johnís also offers a combined B.A./M.A. degree in History. Check for a complete listing of courses in the Graduate Bulletin.

Enrollment Trends: See Institutional Research Factbook 2005.

Department and Subject Area Trends: Although the study of history is methodologically varied and diverse, recent trends in the study and teaching of history emphasize the importance of the global context and interdependency. There is a growing interest in histories outside the realm of the West as well as international and transnational histories. Areas of growing interest include the Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the history of sciences.

Established Specialization: The Queens collection is strong in United States history from colonial times to the present, European history (especially Great Britain and Ireland) and Chinese history.

Online Resources: History

Subject Depth: The Queens collection is at the study or instructional support level, advanced (3b). The goal is to maintain this level. The Staten Island collection is at the basic information level, advanced (2b). The goal is to maintain this level.

Selection Considerations: Please see Selection of Materials. In addition, the following resources may be consulted for book reviews:

Materials to be Excluded: Please see Materials Not To Be Acquired. Also exclude:

Withdrawal Considerations: Please see Collection Maintenance: Withdrawals.

Other Considerations: Discover New York, taken by all first year students and part of the Universityís Core Curriculum, creates a very strong demand for books and other materials pertaining to the history of New York City. Because of this, the Library collects heavily in this subject area.

Related Collections: The University Archives and the Asian Studies collection both have materials of interest to History students and faculty.

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