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Environmental Studies

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SUBJECT AREA: Environmental Studies

Last Update: December 11, 2006 by Maureen Weicher

Subject Specialists: Vicki Tamborrino

Faculty Liason: Vicki Tamborrino

Program Director: William Nieter

Purpose: The St. Johnís University Libraries support teaching, study, and research for undergraduate students and faculty associated with the Enivronmental Studies Program of St. Johnís College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The course schedule includes current offerings related to this program.

Undergraduate Program: Students may earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Enivronmental Studies. Minors in Environmental Studies or Environmental Education are also offered. This is an interdisciplinary degree, with students selecting from courses in Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Government and Politics, Philosophy, Physics, and Sociology; as well as courses offered directly through the program. Among its goals is preparing students for careers where they will analyze and solve environmental problems. An internship helps students prepare for a real work environment. Students are also involved in Field Trips and Investigations. The Undergraduate Bulletin of St. Johnís College has a complete listing of courses offered at the undergraduate level.

Graduate Program: n/a

Enrollment Trends: See Institutional Research Factbook.

Department and Subject Area Trends:

  • Regional Studies.
  • Geographic Information Systems.

Established Specialization: Toxicology of pollutants.

Subject Depth: The Queens collection is at the study or instructional support level, introductory (3a). The goal is to maintain this level. The Staten Island collection is at the minimal level, even coverage level (1b). The goal is to maintain this level.

Online Resources: Evironmental Studies

Selection Considerations: Please see Selection of Materials. In addition, the following resources may be consulted for book reviews:

Materials to be Excluded: Please see Materials Not To Be Acquired. Also exclude:

  • Textbooks, except for established classics.
  • Pamphlets.

Withdrawal Considerations: Please see Collection Maintenance: Withdrawals.

Related Collections: Sociology and Anthropology

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