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SUBJECT AREA: Art and Music

Last Update: January 3, 2007 by Maureen Weicher

Subject Specialists:

Art: Brian Mikesell and Andrea McElrath

Music: Cynthia Chambers

Faculty Liason:

Purpose: The St. Johnís University Libraries support teaching, study, and research for undergraduate students and faculty associated with the Department of Fine Arts of St. Johnís College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The course schedule contains current offerings in Fine Arts.

Undergraduate Programs: Programs of study leading to the B.F.A. include majors in Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Arts, and Photography. Minors include Art, Art History, Music, and Photography. The Undergraduate Bulletin of St. Johnís College has a complete listing of courses offered at the undergraduate level.

Graduate Programs: n/a

Centers/Institutes: Sullivan Graphic Classroom is outfitted with brand new, state-of-the-art equipment for Graphic Design students.

Enrollment Trends: See Institutional Research Factbook.

Department and Subject Area Trends: St. John's competes in The American Advertising Competition each year, and has earned an award winning reputation. The Fine Arts Department displays its diverse talents in the annual Faculty Art Show.

Established Specialization:

Online Resources: Art and Music

Subject Depth: The Queens collection is on basic information level, advanced (2b). The goal is to maintain this level. The Staten Island collection is on the basic information level, advanced (2b). The goal is to maintain this level.

Selection Considerations: Please see Selection of Materials. In addition, the following resources may be consulted for book reviews:

Materials to be Excluded: Please see Materials Not To Be Acquired. Also exclude:

Withdrawal Considerations: Please see Collection Maintenance: Withdrawals. Additional criteria include:

Other Considerations: n/a

Notes: As part of the Distributed Core Curriculum, undergraduates may take electives in the Fine Arts.

Related Collections: Mass Communications, Journalism, Television and Film

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